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Superfluous chromosome doesn't make 'em foreign

This website is dedicated to an unusual "sunny" human - a talented artist with Down syndrome, Mary Mordvinceva. Only a few of us believe in the opportunities and good of those people for society, but we're strongly mistaken. Yes, "sunny children" need more attention and help at development and standing of personality, but if you help such a special little one in a search of its talents, you may only envy its studiousness and output on its beloved business.

Myths, which enter us to delusion

Myth #1: Down syndrome is a disease

Reality: Down syndrome is a simple genetic glitch. If the genome of a normal human has 46 chromosomes, a "sunny" child's genome has 47 chromosomes. But this superfluous chromosome doesn't make him foreign to the rest of the world. Down syndrome can't be healed and more than all to be infected. Its emergence depends on neither skin color, age, or lifestyle.

Myth #2: They're dangerous for society

Reality: This spread myth has no basis. History doesn't know crimes made by people with Down syndrome. They're like all common humans rejoice, sad, capricing, but their mood is not replaced by the attack of aggression. In opposite, calm and kindly behavior is much more characteristically for "sunny children".

Myth #3: They can't learn

Reality: "Sunny children" are very good at learning the basics of writing, reading, and accurate sciences. They may master the computer, foreign languages, and much more. Already today they're playing in theater, dancing, and painting. People with Down syndrome go through the same steps of development as the rest of people with the just difference that they need more time, attention from the teachers and parents.

Myth #4: They can't be entrusted to work

Reality: In the west, humans with Down syndrome can meet you at the reception in the hotel, help you at the supermarket, serve you at the post office, or bread home cookies because they have such an opportunity. Russia in this sense just makes the first steps, that's why it's very important to support all positive changes in this way.

Myth #5: Down syndrome is a rarity

Reality: It's the most common deviation, which is observed in every 700th child. Annually In Russia borning around 2000 such "sunny children". It is imperceptible because 85% of little ones stay at the baby houses and after that roam from one state institution to another.