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About me


Mary Mordvinceva was born in the summer of 2000th in the Leninsk-Kuznetsky city of Kemerovo district. Helen, the mother of a girl, puts a lot of power and love into her daughter – as soon as Mary starts to sit, mother sit girl on her lap and read her childish books, and the girl considers pictures, memorize animals, characters, and colors. That was the start of her devotion to art. In the summer of 2004th, a whole family moved to resort city Goryachiy Kluch. There Mary started to paint. At the beginning by the words of her mother it was «kalya-malya», but by a time here paintings became more and more awares.


In 2007th, like the rest, a girl went to school. In the neighbor's entrance was opened art studio «Pink cat», where Mary immediately signed up and going there for already more than 13 years. Head of studio Zhanna Smirnova helped a girl to open herself in the creation and taught different technics of painting. By Helen's words, she perfectly remembers a moment, when the paintings of Mary became to a new level of quality. «It was in September of 2013th. The daughter wrote a picture «Rain», which surprised not just me, but a teacher. A few professional artists high appreciated her craftsmanship».


The first personal exhibition «A child's sight» was opened in the November of 2016th, and the year of finishing school, in the museum of the native city, where Mary represented to her auditory 40 of her works. The second one took a place in 2017th at the Krasnodar state museum named after Kovalenko, at the same time girl became a member of the 5th All-Russian culture and education event «Night of arts». In 2018th she takes a part in the International forum «Different worlds», where she take Grant-Prix. At the moment few professional artists have already recomended Mary to find some students. It's extremely important, that unique author's technics do not disappear, and found it's continuators.

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